Join the Fun! Win Prizes! Let’s Celebrate Tarot Today!

Once upon a time, in 2003, my friend Den Elder initiated a worldwide Tarot Day. The next May (for she had chosen her birthday for the celebration), I heard about it and joined the party. And I have, more or less, celebrated setting aside one day a year for the commemoration of All Things Tarot ever since.

But a few years ago, she passed her idea (and all legal rights) over to a Large, Very Serious Tarot enterprise, and over time, for me at least, it lost a lot of its sparkle.

Although my enthusiasm for that event faded, I still felt like Tarot deserved its own day of merriment and celebration.

And after the year we’ve all been through? I would say now more than ever! Besides — what day could be more ideal than April 1 – All Fool’s Day?

Last year’s inaugural celebration was a huge success, so let’s do it again!

Fun! Prizes!

Post a comment HERE on my blog (not Facebook or Insta!), in the “Leave a Comment” box, alias “Luminous Sparks,”  in order to be entered to WIN. If you are reading this via email, pop over here to visit my website and blog!

(And if you’ve never actually seen my website – this would be a lovely time to get acquainted. It’s my labor of love just for you, going back to 2003. It’s brimming with LOTS of Tarot and other magick).

ONE lucky winner will receive the acclaimed (and much beloved!) Mystical Cats Tarot Cards, with art by the sublime and magical Mickie Mueller and text from the brilliant, cat-adoring Lunaea Weatherstone.


TWO lucky winners will receive a free Soul Card kit. Includes magical botanicals and herbs, many of which have been grown by me, and all of which are sustainably, organically grown; a crystal or stone that is in harmony with your Soul Card; a brief overview of that card’s attributes; and a blessed candle for your meditations.


TWO lucky winners will receive a brand new Waite-Smith Tarot deck (inaccurately still labeled the Rider Tarot, but as we all know, Rider was just the publishing company, and nowadays, the deck is known by savvy Tarot people as the Waite-Smith).


Yep, that’s FIVE prizes, in honor of this V-Hierophant year!


Please note: If you have a preference for which prize you want, or really DON’T want, please say so in your comments.

This is not a race! To give everyone in every time zone a fair crack at this, the contest closes at 6am, tomorrow (April 2), Eastern time.

I will announce the randomly, magickally selected winners around noon, Eastern US time on Friday. I was silly flexible last year, but it made me sort of crazy, so this is a firm cut-off.


* To enter, I will need your preferred full name, and your email address:

Please include your email WITHIN THE COMMENT BOX ITSELF, using this format:

YourPreferredEmailName and then write out the words, “the at symbol” and then YourEmailServer and then write out “dot com” or “dot edu” or whatever it is.

So, for instance, if I was entering, I would type my comment and then add:

bethowlsdaughter (the at symbol) owlsdaughter (dot com).

This is to prevent weird spammy, bot harvesting thingies from scooping up your data.

* Because international postal rates have gone completely bonkers, I am desperately sorry, but I just cannot afford to ship outside of the U.S. I hate this even more than you, believe me. Especially since I intend for this to be international. So —

* If you are a Tarot professional, especially those of you outside the U.S., I encourage you to offer your own Tarot Day contributions and celebrations in whatever capacity you use to reach your peeps! The idea is to spread the joy, particularly if I am not able to.

Please make sure that your contact info is coherent enough for me to get in touch with you.

But Wait! There’s Even More Fun and Geekery!

Please visit my Facebook page and post photos of your favorite decks, or cards, or even spreads. Bonus points for Tarot-related selfies!

No prizes here, other than our undying likes, especially because not everyone is on Facebook.

This is for the pure fun of sharing and discussing our love for the Tarot. So pop over to my page, and let’s party!

And Once Again – A Special Shout-Out to My Tarot Reader Friends

I hope you, most especially, will join me in this year’s celebration.

Please DO share and support this day that is strictly for the pleasure and passion of our cards. If you care to offer gifts and other goodies for your clients, students, colleagues, and fans, I really hope you will! Let this be a perfect opportunity to do so.

But please: my intention for this day is gratitude and mirth, not marketing or money. In the spirit of The Fool, let us keep this a no-strings, non-commercial, purely charitable observance.

Cool? Thanks!

Let’s Do This, Y’all!

Please share far and wide with your friends, and let’s make the 2020s the Decade of Tarot together.

(The Fool, from Ellen Dugan’s The Witches Tarot)

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56 thoughts on “Join the Fun! Win Prizes! Let’s Celebrate Tarot Today!”

  1. Happy International Tarot Day! Thank you for hosting. I so enjoy your posts. A soul card kit sure sounds intriguing. Blessings to all!
    aschilson (the at symbol) yahoo (dot com)

  2. I love the idea of Tarot’s Day on April Fool’s! So far my favorite deck that I have is my Revelations deck.
    Angelwolfstorm (the at symbol) Aim (dot com)

  3. Happy Tarot Day! If the Wheel of Fortune is kind, I would dearly love a Tarot deck. I have never seen the Mystical Cats Tarot! That would be purrrrr-fect! 🙂

    Kit Cooley
    kitcooley62 (the at symbol) gmail dot com

  4. I like your blog! If I am a chosen winner, my mailing address is :
    6613 Secret Drive
    Raleigh, NC 27612
    I would love those Mystic Cat Tarot cards!
    Janetbinx(the at symbol)gmail (dot com)

  5. The Cats Tarot looks charming. Cats have been a source of delight and comfort all my life, and I can’t imagine (and don’t want to, lol) getting through Life in the Time of Coronavirus without them. Three cheers for the kitties!😻
    niamhor1(the at symbol) centurylink (dot net)

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