And the Winners Are…

Drumroll please…

(This is the Magickal Owl Cup, with over 50 names…)


For the two Waite-Smith decks..

(My dashing assistant pulls the names…)


The winners are:

Linda Pace and Susan M. Mulry!


Emails sent, and as soon as I hear back with your snail mail address, your cards will be on their way!


Next, for the two Soul Card kits..

(Yes, this really was the second draw! He didn’t change expression much, because he was so excited! Plus, he really, really prefers being on the other side of the camera.)

The winners are:

Debbie Friedlander and Heather Ford!

YIPPEE! Congratulations! 

Debbie even specifically hoped for a Soul Card Kit! ✨ Wish magickally and happily granted, Debbie! ✨ As soon as you two let me know your birthdays and where to mail them, your prizes will be owlishly WINGING their way to you!

And last but not least…

I have to say there must have been some kind of blog contest karma at work!

Because the Grand Prize Winner of the Mystic Cats Tarot was one of the Owls Wings blog’s most loyal and insightful  contributors. This was a totally random pull by my dashing assistant (that’s my husband John, by the way, whose glorious photographs you have seen here many times).

There was no wishy-washy uncertainty. He reached in, swirled everything all around, and pulled the one and only:


(who is now outed as named Ann)



This just blew my mind! Seriously!

I hope that this celebration catches on and spreads all around the world, and far beyond this little nest.

But in the meantime, thank you SO much, everyone.

Your kind notes made me spend much of yesterday afternoon weeping tears of joy and gratitude. I wish I could respond to each of your comments one by one, to tell you how much your thoughts and your friendship mean to me.

I can’t believe so many of you have been along for this journey with me since the very beginning. You keep me going, you inspire me, and you are a blessing beyond measure. And to all my newer readers who have found your way to me through clearly magickal means, welcome, welcome. I am so delighted that Lady Fortuna guided you here.

We are all truly kindred spirits here (and I am sure Ann Shirley (of Green Gables) would agree). Which is why I am such a blessed woman. I have some of the wisest, most thoughtful, and loyal readers anyone could ever, EVER wish for.

Thank you again. You are the ones who make Tarot, and my writing, a joy and adventure for me.

Happy International Tarot Day-after!


2 thoughts on “And the Winners Are…”

  1. I couldn’t believe it! So happy and excited, and can’t thank you enough for offering this. 🙂

  2. You are SO welcome, nofixedstars! John and I laughed and laughed, we could hardly believe it!

    ps: NO, you do not comment too much. I am so grateful for you, and would love it if others would follow your example.

    pps: I am really glad you are a cat person!

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